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Why We Do It

We at Craftlogic have decades of experience in software development and all facets of information technology. And, like most companies, we struggled with how hard it was to hire talented individuals; individuals that could make a difference in our company. To hire the best people took a lot of time, a lot of interviews, and a lot of money. Staffing firms were unable to validate the talent of the candidates they submitted to us. Instead, they submitted a lot of unqualified candidates, which we had to have our staff individually interview and, hopefully, find one that could be a fit for our opening. Then, we paid them a fee for scraping resumes off of job boards that matched certain criteria and then submitting them to us. Where is the value in that? That’s the easy part. The hard part is having the knowledge and experience to review each resume and perform deep technical interviews on those that look promising. Typical staffing firms simply don’t have the people in place to do this. Craftlogic Software does.

We develop software and we know how to hire IT talent. Our engineers are trained in our Agile Recruiting interview process and are able to validate the skills of candidates.  We use the same Agile process for hiring and recruiting for your team as we do for ours. Because, if we don’t want them working for us, we certainly don’t want them to work for you. Who else is better able to provide you this service? Wouldn’t it be nice to get just one or two resumes and technical assessments from us and then hire one instead of getting 20 resumes from another firm and hiring none?

Take a look at The Craftlogic Difference.

What We Do

Craftlogic Software is a software development company that also specializes in staffing, consulting, and project outsourcing. We can provide custom software development at our offices or provide IT staff as a fulltime hire or contract basis in your offices. Craftlogic Software is also experienced in IT Infrastructure, Project Management, Software Development Management, Database Engineering, and Quality Assurance. We have decades of Software Development and IT Infrastructure experience.

Who We Are

We are owned and operated by technology experts and demand the highest quality in all that we do. The name, Craftlogic, is itself a reflection of our philosophy. Software, we believe, is "crafted" by skilled individuals; craftsmen. It is important to realize the value that a highly skilled individual brings to the table. Craftlogic Software is bringing back “craft” to the process of software development, consulting, and recruiting technically talented individuals. Like the craftsmen of old, the motivating factor that drives this company is to have pride in our work, deliver solutions to our clients, and have our clients value our services and partnership.

Technical teams aligned with the right mix of top talent are significantly more effective and deliver superior solutions. Learn how Craftlogic Software can help you build more productive and capable teams. Request a call today.


Craftlogic Services

Software Development, Outsourcing, IT Staffing.

Let us help you make your hiring decisions.

Looking for a Job?

Are you the piece that's missing from a successful project? Read more...

Are you the piece that's missing from a successful project?

About Craftlogic

Craftlogic's mission is to build a relationship with you. Read more...

Craftlogic's mission is to build a relationship with you.

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